Are you interested in attending OSU as a service member, veteran, or family member using benefits?

Let us help you get started.


Read through OSU's Benefits and Tuition Assistance policies and our Prospective Students Brochure.

The Office of Financial Aid provides an Estimate of Full Time Educational Costs for attending Oregon State University's Corvallis campus. Tuition costs for students vary depending on their residency status, course of study and degree level. Room and Board budgets vary for students that live on campus, off campus, or are considered commuters from home. 

Online students can use the Ecampus Program Cost Calculator to get a better idea of the costs that they may face.

To compare your VA educational benefit options, the Department of Veterans Affairs provides the GI Bill® Comparison Tool

NOTE:  Oregon State University will not impose any penalty (e.g., interest charges, registration holds) due to the delayed disbursement funding from VA under chapters 31 or 33.

Apply for Admission

OSU offers an application fee waiver to Active Duty Service Members, currently serving members of the National Guard and Reserves, and U.S. Veteran applicants, at the end of the undergraduate admissions application click on the “Request Fee Waiver” button.

Choose Military Service as the reason for the request and them choose either Active Duty or Veteran status.

There will be a final box to mark to certify and then the fee waiver is complete.

Below is a screen capture of what the waiver application page looks like:


We do not currently offer fee waivers for our non-degree seeking students.

Oregon State recognizes Active Duty Service Members, currently serving members of the National Guard and Reserves, U.S. Veterans, and their dependents by exempting them from paying the Advance Tuition Deposit (ATD). In order to be eligible for the ATD exemption, applicants must complete the Advance Tuition Deposit Waiver Request.  Current service members need to submit a copy their most recent military orders, Enlisted Records Brief (ERB), or Officer Records Brief (ORB). Veterans need to submit a copy of their DD-214. Please fax to 541-737-2482 or email [email protected]

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).