• Thorp, Claude Armenius

    Lt Col. Thorp, was born in Thorp Washington, While Attending Oregon Agricultural College he chose to study agriculture. 

    He went missing during the battle for Bataan while serving with the 26th Calvarly Regiment, and was forced to do the Bataan Death March. He was executed by the Japanese outside of Bilibid Prison. 

    In a letter from Claire Phillips, dated October 1, 1952, he states: "The reason Thorp was never listed as being a prisoner was due to the fact that Maj. Thorp was sent through the lines on or about Jan. 30, 1942 to organize the Philippine guerrillas behind the Japanese lines. The Japanese never reported special prisoners, or guerrilla prisoners as they were considered as captives. All prisoners taken in Bataan until late 1942 were considered as captives by the Japanese. Rev. John Duffy joined Thorp's scattered forces around Oct. 14, 1942. Philippinos who...