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The Holcomb Center is committed to continuing the legacy of selfless service and unending commitment to the mission exemplified through the actions of Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, SGT John N. Holcomb.

We are here to help you make the most out of the benefits and services you and your family have earned. We want to contribute to your success by helping navigate the requirements of higher education, find available benefits and services, and to connect you with other members of the community that are on the same path and facing the same challenges.

The Holcomb Center currently assist over 2,000 service members, veterans and family members on our campuses and across the globe.

Supporting the Mission


Veteran and military-connected students embody the spirit of service and leadership that is central to the Oregon State University community. Because veterans and military-connected students are part of what makes OSU so special, Beavers everywhere are joining together to support their academic and lifelong success. Together, donors to this initiative will support these students in their transition to university life, help bridge financial gaps, enhance opportunities for peer mentoring and more.

Oregon State University Gold Star Service Member

  • Streit, William Fraser

    Lt. (J.G.) Streit served on the USS Jarvis during WWII. Streit served on the USS Jarvis during the Guadalcanal campaign, while it operated as a protective screen destroyer during amphibious operations. On august 8th 1942 a noon torpedo bomber raid was made on US forces in the waters between Florida island and Guadalcanal. During the raid the Jarvis sustained significant damage, but remained sea worthy. The destroyer then attempted to seek emergency repairs at Sydney, Australia. While in route the USS Jarvis was attacked by 31 Japanese planes, that quickly sank the vessel. Lt. (J.G,) straight went missing on August 9th 1942, and was later declared KIA.

    https://www.oregondigital.org/catalog/oregondigital:fx71bm32w#page/15/mo... (pg 15)



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