Due to current concerns about COVID-19 at Oregon State University, the Military and Veteran Resources Center has transitioned to a fully remote model in respect of social distancing practices. If you would like to reach someone within our office please email [email protected] . We are also available via phone at 541-737-2278, please leave a voicemail. We will work to respond to you within one (1) business day. Thank you for your patience during this time.


Veterans who would like guidance for staying safe or managing stress during the COVID-19 pandemic, VA’s automated text messaging program (Annie ) that sends health information and self-care reminders. Any cell phone with texting capabilities can receive Annie messages.

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Our Mission is Your Mission


We believe in you and your ability to complete your next mission here at Oregon State University. We are here to assist all members of the Military Connected Community:

  • Students, Faculty, and Staff
  • Currently Serving Members of the United States Military, Veterans, and Family Members
  • Located at an Oregon State University campus, through Ecampus, or at a Degree Partnership location
  • Pursuing a Certificate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Professional Degree, or just picking up that one needed class


We want to contribute to your success by helping navigate the requirements of higher education, find available benefits and services, and to connect you with other members of the community that are on the same path and facing the same challenges.

Supporting the Mission


Veteran and military-connected students embody the spirit of service and leadership that is central to the Oregon State University community. Because veterans and military-connected students are part of what makes OSU so special, Beavers everywhere are joining together to support their academic and lifelong success. Together, donors to this initiative will support these students in their transition to university life, help bridge financial gaps, enhance opportunities for peer mentoring and more.


Welcome to OSU and the Beaver Vet Community

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The Military and veteran resources center - snell 150

The Veterans' lounge - memorial union


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